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Minimal Rustic Bathroom

A bathroom doesn't need to be extravagant to look great. A minimal, rustic bathroom would make the best out of the least amount of decor possible, with a wooden ladder for the towels, a concrete floor, and open wood vanity. The frameless mirror adds to the bare-bones style.

Chic Industrial Bathroom

Industrial doesn't have to mean rough. Sleek black and white elements enhance and contrast industrial elements, like exposed plumbing and hardwood flooring.

Contemporary Bathroom With Freestanding Tub

A trendy contemporary bathroom features a modern-style freestanding tub. The unusual, fluted shape would be contrasted by the decorative vase with a narrow neck on the shelf right above it. The stone mosaic wall in neutral shades would capture attention.

Mediterranean Style Bathroom

A concrete sink, a sconce lighting, a tarnished mirror on the door, reflected in the main mirror as well as barely-there, ultra-modern faucets will make this space a masterpiece.

Bathroom With Multiple Tile Styles

This bathroom all about mixing patterns. Hexagonal tile on the floor and bath, brick tile around the bath, and blue patterned mosaic around the sink - it could be overwhelming, but it isn't.


Everything matches to complement the sense of formality and elegance. You’ll often see classic lines with furniture that has sculptural details. Accessories like sconces or a crystal chandelier fit in well with this style. Don’t add too many accessories, however. Avoid a cluttered look.


This style often includes repurposed pieces or found treasures that are often one-of-a-kind pieces. Natural elements like floral patterns are right at home with this style. You’ll also see design elements that exude coziness, such as gingham patterns and well-worn furniture and fixtures. It adds to its casual and inviting feel.


The eclectic look is one of the less formal of the types of dining room styles. It sets its own rules with design elements and features that reflect your personality and interests. Mix-and-match is the order of the day. A dining room table in one style with chairs of different looks that don’t match is just fine. The same thing applies to the accessories and other design elements.

Beautiful and Functional Decor Elements

Metallic Wall Décor

Incorporate shiny details, such as gold drawer pulls or a copper vase, mixing them with a glamorous work of metallic wall art.

A Functional Credenza

The distressed finish of a solid wood credenza doesn’t just provide a rustic elegance – a streamlined design featuring spacious pull-out drawers makes for effortless organization.

Table Pairs

In interior design, layering isn’t just for rugs or throw blankets. Pair a tall accent table with its shorter counterpart, standing somewhere in the corner.

Floating shelves and eye-catching wallpaper

Not only does this look great but it's also super efficient too. Using floating shelves will mean that space isn't taken up and you still can decorate with some panache. Pair with your favourite trinkets and patterned wallpaper and, voila.

Estelle White,
CEO at Aladdim Interior Design Studio